How To Measure

It’s very important that all measurements are taken tightly wrapped around the wrist. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your bracelet is going to arrive that tight! We just have our own custom grading from there to make sure it is a comfortable fit. If you’re planning to wear your bracelet above a watch or other jewellery, measure tightly the part of the wrist where you would like it to sit. 

Here are a few ways to measure your wrist to make sure your handmade jewels are the perfect fit. 

1. Tape Measure

If you have access to a tape measure, well, you got out of this easy! Simply wrap the tape measure tightly around your wrist and there you have it! 

2. String & Ruler

If you have a piece of string or ribbon lying around, this is just as great for measuring. Wrap it tightly around your wrist and mark your size with a pen or pencil. Then once the string/ribbon is off your wrist, you can measure the length with a ruler. 

3. Printable template

This is an easy downloadable tape measure that with access to a printer, can be printed and cut out, and then you can just follow method 1 above. It’s important to note that this pdf is to be printed on A4 paper and scaling on your printer settings must be set to 100%. To be sure your paper measuring tape is accurate, there is a 3cm rectangle under our logo on your download. Check that this measures accurately at 3cm with your printed ruler. Click here to download.