Our Story

As a father and daughter duo we share a great love of the power of inner healing and emotional wellness in our lives. Our common faith in spiritual health and vibrational balance led us to create something personal and unique together that would strengthen our beliefs and serve as a constant reminder of our own personal journeys.

Our private crusade led us to the ideal gems to complement our individual vibrations and then combined them with our Buddhist Prayer bead to create the perfect bracelets for ourselves. As the interest from family and friends grew we decided to share the love to all. 

With focus on quality, style and to be eminently wearable we hand-make all our jewellery with love and undeniable passion. All our stones are genuine and of a superior quality. Our semi-precious gemstones are combined with pure 925 sterling silver and our custom ancient ‘Sanskrit Prayer’ bead to create jewellery that emanates style, spirit, and soul.

As big believers in the flow and plan of the universe, we trust this is where we are meant to be. We hope you find the same love in what we have created, and that your intuition guides you toward the gemstones you need most.

Steve & Jorj