The start of any new year comes with a rush of planning, goals and inspiration, and while we've already taken our moment to plan an exciting and ongoing list of crystals that we're actively searching for, we want to hear from you! What gems resonate with you? What do you want to see from us in 2021?

Stone of the week
New year, new you! Bring on 2021 and our year of evolution.

Tired of being stuck in an endless cycle of negative thoughts or just feeling a general unproductive complacency in your life? African Turquoise is the stone for you. Known as the ‘Stone of Evolution’, it encourages growth and development which in turn encourages a positive transformation. It awakens the soul to its intended purpose and awakens the mind to new ideas and possibilities. As it resonates within the Third Eye Chakra, African Turquoise helps us to see beyond ego, and bring to the surface the true wisdom and knowledge we’re holding within. Great for easing mood swings and encouraging acceptance.
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