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Fuchsite is the stone of renewal & rejuvenation carrying energies of youth, vitality and life. This stone will act as a guardian angel, lifting the weight from your shoulders, whispering encouragement and fueling the fire that sparks your light of creativity. Let the magic spread into all parts of your day, and watch as your surroundings brighten. Allow yourself to be wrapped in feelings of appreciation, kindness, compassion and love. Feel a sense of excitement for the infinite possibilities of what lies ahead with revitalised energy and renewed trust in yourself. Let this ‘fairy crystal’ serve as a reminder that every moment is an opportunity to choose happiness. Wherever you go, find joy in the little things and illuminate your world - you are the magic. This stone is of the highest quality 6A+

Quality is important to us! All of semi-precious gemstones are genuine and natural which means there may be slight variations in colour or texture throughout your jewellery or compared to our imagery (depending on your stone selection). This is why each stone is individually selected one by one when custom making your order, to ensure a beautiful balance. 

Bead size will also vary depending on your choice of gemstone. Our 8mm bracelets and Malas will consist of gems between 7mm-8mm and our 10mm bracelets will consist of gems between 9.5mm-10.5mm. 

All of our products are handmade from the highest grade stones and your choice of 925 sterling silver, 22k gold vermeil or 18k rose gold vermeil accents, that are then threaded onto the best quality tried and tested elastic string. If you aren't happy with the quality of your product, we offer a 7 day happiness guarantee and will happily refund or exchange your purchase! Click here for more info.

Each order comes with a double sided card; one side with the healing properties and meaning behind your chosen gemstone, and the other with the meaning of our signature prayer bead, written below-

Balancing the stones that have chosen you, is your prayer bead ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ a well-loved Buddhist mantra commonly translated as ‘The jewel is in the lotus’. This is a prayer of mercy and compassion for all beings and the self - recognising our power within. It will help clear the mind from trivial moments and materialistic desires, and assist us in realising that all we need, we already have and regardless of where life takes us, we will always be the centre of our own universe. This mantra is a constant reminder to embrace the qualities of love and inner wisdom and in partnering with your stones, will assist in heightening your spiritual essence and bring peace to the soul. 

Your gemstone jewellery comes in a custom cotton bag with a polishing cloth, that is then put with your card in a foil stamped gift box. Our meaningful beads make such wonderful gifts, it’s just a bonus that they also come all wrapped up for you or someone special in your life. 

Helpful Tip - The most common sizes for women are our S & M, and for men are our L & XL. 

All sizing below is based off a firm wrist measurement. This will not be how to tight your bracelet is, as we will add extra length to make sure it's the perfect fit. Please do not buy the size of your loose measurement as it will be too big. Click here for more information on how to measure.

Please note - If you're unable to get an exact measurement for yourself or if you're buying this a gift, no need to stress! Start by using our helpful tip above for most common sizes, and if it still isn't the right fit, we offer resizing for just $10 AUD. Just email us at hello@mygurustone.com and we can help you through the checkout and return process.


Firm Wrist Measurement

Size (Minis)

13.5 - 14cm

5-7 Years

 We do not recommend bracelets for under 6’s as chewing or pulling on the bracelet can cause breakage, then once loose, can be a dangerous choking hazard. Minis over a 14cm wrist (approximately 8-10 years) will move into our standard XS category. All the same stone options will be available. 


Firm Wrist Measurement


14.5 - 15cm


15.5 - 16cm


16.5 - 17cm


17.5 - 18cm


18.5 - 19cm


19.5 - 20cm


20.5 - 21cm


 If you fall between sizes, simply email us with your measurements once your order is placed, and we will happily custom make for the perfect fit.