Caring For Your Beads

We pride ourselves on quality stones and craftsmanship, so if cared for properly, your new jewellery should have a very long life!

Our custom prayer beads and spacers are either 925 Sterling Silver or a 22K or 18K Gold Vermeil. To classify a piece as vermeil is must be made with precious materials and have heavy plating. Normal gold plating only requires 0.5 microns of thickness, whereas vermeil has to be a minimum of 2.5 microns. This is a substantial difference in thickness with regard to gold, and would also be the difference of many years in wear. This is definitely a case of quality AND quantity, you're welcome!

But even though are pieces are of the highest quality, they may still tarnish over time, which sadly is beyond our control given their dependence on each individual's environment. To slow this process, it is important to avoid getting your beads wet. This means avoiding wearing your beads in the shower/bath, in the ocean, during activities that result in excess sweating or cleaning your beads with water. We also recommend avoiding chemical substances that could be corrosive to gemstones, silver and your elastic string. This includes but is not limited to cleaning chemicals/soaps, cosmetics, perfumes and hairspray.  

As already mentioned, your beads are made with the highest quality products, and they should remain as beautiful and powerful as the day you received them just by using a simple dry cotton polishing cloth to wipe away any dirt that builds up, or for a like-new shine. Our jewels aren’t high maintenance, but they are semi precious stones. Keep it simple, keep it clean and you’ll keep on shining. 

We know accidents happen too, so if you’re a little rough with your strand one day and it happens to break, or maybe just from general wear and tear after a few years, we can restring it for you! Often we add quite a lot of sentimental value to our stones, especially if they’ve been with us for a while, so it doesn’t always feel right to just replace them. We have 2 ‘Re-string Beads’ products listed online from $10-$20 AUD. The $10 option is if you have all your original beads, and the $20 option is having at least 80% of your beads. This one is priced higher as obviously we will have to add some new stones to make sure it is still the perfect fit. Simply add one of those to your cart and send back to us your remaining stones and silver. 

Please email us at before checking out, so we can go through the process of returning.