Which Wrist to Wear Your Bracelet

Left vs Right, let’s chat wrists and why’s…

Firstly, let’s just start by saying, there’s no true right or wrong here… if your crystals are doing everything you want them to, who cares where or how you wear them. We say, trust that intuition and do what feels right for you! But on the other hand *pun intended* if something feels off, maybe it’s not the crystal but the wrist…

Energy naturally flows in and out of our bodies, so the same can be said for our crystals energy. Now our left side, is our Yin feminine side, also known as our receiving hand. This side deals with our internal self, helping us to receive energy from outside our body, and to make internal shifts and healing. Our right side, seen as the masculine side of our body, is our giving hand, or “action” side and this is the energy we release back into the world.

Generally when we’re wearing crystals, it’s pretty safe to say most can go on our receiving (left) hand, as that’s us trying to attract the energies of love, happiness, strength and all those other good vibes, but wearing gems like Black Tourmaline for the purpose of releasing negative energies, should then ‘technically’ be worn on our right… Right? But it’s actually more than just stone vs stone, at the end of the day, it comes down to intent. Rose Quartz for instance… Are we trying to attract and receive love, or are we trying to project and release more loving energy into our world?

This is why it is so important to take the time to figure out what you’re wanting from each stone.

Why were you drawn to it? Why do you need it?
Figure out your why… and then you can figure out your wrist.