Size Guide

Helpful Tip - The most common sizes for women are our S & M, and for men are our L & XL. 

All sizing below is based off a firm wrist measurement. This will not be how to tight your bracelet is, as we will add extra length to make sure it's the perfect fit. Please do not buy the size of your loose measurement as it will be too big. Click here for more information on how to measure.

Please note - If you're unable to get an exact measurement for yourself or if you're buying this a gift, no need to stress! Start by using our helpful tip above for most common sizes, and if it still isn't the right fit, we offer resizing for just $10 AUD. Just email us at and we can help you through the checkout and return process.


Firm Wrist Measurement

Size (Minis)

13.5 - 14cm

5-7 Years

 We do not recommend bracelets for under 6’s as chewing or pulling on the bracelet can cause breakage, then once loose, can be a dangerous choking hazard. Minis over a 14cm wrist (approximately 8-10 years) will move into our standard XS category. All the same stone options will be available. 


Firm Wrist Measurement


14.5 - 15cm


15.5 - 16cm


16.5 - 17cm


17.5 - 18cm


18.5 - 19cm


19.5 - 20cm


20.5 - 21cm


 If you fall between sizes, simply email us with your measurements once your order is placed, and we will happily custom make for the perfect fit.