Bracelet Stacking

Okay, let’s talk stacking…

We know it’s easy to fall in love with the healing properties of a range of crystals, but it’s important to remember more bracelets doesn’t necessarily mean more benefits. *Sigh* We know! We’d love to wear an arm stack of beads everyday to keep us motivated, grounded, inspired, positive, grateful and every other good vibe forever, but sadly it just doesn’t work like that..

But here are 2 easy steps we like to stick to for our stacks;

1. Have intent behind each bracelet.

It’s important to set intentions with every crystal, not just bracelets. All crystals have a range of healing properties so it’s crucial to be clear on what you really want/need from it, and these may change over time. It will help open you up to its energy, and also serve as a physical reminder to assist in manifestation. Another great reason for intention setting when stacking, is to help avoid cancelling out other bracelets. For example Labradorite is a very spiritual stone, known for raising consciousness and keeping your head in the clouds, so pairing this with a grounding gem would generally be pointless. But if your intent behind your Labradorite is to enhance creativity, it can still be paired with earthier grounding stones worn for comfort and stability etc.

2. Do what feels right!

This one may seem simple enough, but it’s so imperative to get to know your gems, and when you start stacking, one by one, to take notice of how its energy affects you. If you start to feel tired, sluggish, irritated, unbalanced or even no different at all, that’s a pretty good indication that something isn’t right. Try removing one.

There’s no one rule fits all for crystals. Everyone is unique, as is their relationship with each individual gem, and that’s pretty special in itself. Finding a stack that works for you is so personal, you’ve just got to find your balance.

Here’s to finding your beautiful harmony…